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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Why shouting? Talk softly.

Recently. people like shouting and yelling to others people while talking...for me, shouting is not a good habit. some said that  is the way to convey the message...they use to it...shouting loudly..express their feelings..if they not shouting loudly then must be something wrong.
why shouting? can you talking softly... some people always do shouting, in my school my senior teacher like shouting everyday...to the kids and also teachers... i can't really understand why they shouting ? can they people around them hear or  not? for me too much noise around me make me uncomfortable, then i will ignoring the uncomfortable noise even it is a message for me...same as the kids , if the teacher keep yelling and shouting in the class what the kids will get at the end of the lesson. they will feel uncomfortable and maybe they ignore the important message that the teacher wants them to absorb....
in my community...people who like shouting, we will use certain language to labeling them...'terjerit-jerit macam nak tekeluar anak tekak"...that's was true when you keep shouting and yelling you will feel like all inside your mouth running out...hwa  hwa..inside your body..the pressure of shouting and yelling will goes to your heart...that's way we will easily got heart attack.. some of the factor...because we are not doing the healthy behaviour lifestyle...talk softly, always keep us to maintain good quality behaviour lifestyle ...because when we talk softly people will listen to what we say...the more important thing people always do like people who talk softly...everybody like you and so do Allah...so from now...talk softly...

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